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Two lesbians in California are turning their adopted 11-year-old boy into a girl

A bizarre child abuse case is unfolding in California that the media are largely ignoring.

State authorities should have stepped in long ago to stop the abuse except that they apparently approve of it. After all, the parents are the perps.

Two lesbians in Berkeley are turning their adopted 11-year-old boy into a girl. Seriously. The lad, who they acquired at age 2, is being given drugs via an implant on his left arm to block his puberty. The next step would be a surgery that will mutilate him forever. Its supposed to be fine because the boy, Thomas, has bought into the idea. And the two women say that the drug scheme will give the boy, now named Tammy, more time to think it over.

The civilized response to this news is to rescue the boy, revoke the adoption and charge the women with endangerment, abuse and whatever else the authorities can find to deter such criminal insanity. The next step would be to take a hard look at an adoption process that allows such horrors to be committed and even encourages them.

Were talking about the administration of Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown, who signed a law on Oct. 1, 2012 outlawing the right of parents to take their children under 18 to counseling for unwanted same-sex desires. They can hire only counselors who affirm the children as gay. Thats Californias current idea of freedom.

Christian Charity Organization Sues London Transport Company Over Pro-Gay Bus Ads
09/10/13 @ 12:19

Christian Charity Organization Sues London Transport Company Over Pro-Gay Bus Ads

The latest British government figures show that lesbian couples are nearly twice as likely as gay men to end a civil partnership

The number of same-sex couples ending their civil unions leapt by 20 per cent last year, seven years after their introduction in 2005. Overall there were 794 dissolutions in 2012, almost 60 per cent of which were female couples, figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show.

Gunnar Andersson, professor of demography at Stockholm University, has found in successive studies that women in Norway, Sweden and Denmark are twice as likely to dissolve their civil partnerships than men. He said: This reflects trends in a heterosexual marriage because women are more prone to say they want to marry - but theyre also more likely to initiate a divorce. Women usually have higher demands on relationship quality, thats often been said in studies. Even if you control for age there is still a trend of more women ending partnerships than men.

Civil partnerships were up 3.6 per cent in 2012, with 7,037 taking place. The biggest increase was in Northern Ireland, where 13 per cent more took place, with 101 ceremonies.

By the end of last year there were 120,908 people in a same sex union, which is already much higher than the Government Equalities Office originally predicted. They thought there would be between 11,000 and 22,000 civil partners in Britain by 2010, but there were already more than 79,000 at the start of that year - and are now ten times as many.

A quarter of all civil partnerships still happen in London and Westminster was the local authority with the most civil partnerships in 2012.

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