24/10/13 @ 20:20

Moldova Nixing its Gay Propaganda Law

Moldova, as part of its bid to join the European Union, has agreed to repeal its ban on homosexual propaganda.

The ban was broader than Russias propaganda law in that it proactively nixed any attempt to legalize same-sex marriage or adoption in the country.

Now, as part of its remit for joining the European Union, Moldova has agreed to repeal the ban and the countrys lawmakers in a narrow vote on Friday, October 11, overturned the law. This is being read as a direct show of compliance to EU nondiscrimination provisions that will help the country in receiving an EU Association Agreement at the Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius, Lithuania this November.

The vote was achieved despite heavy resistance from the countrys Orthodox Church and the opposition Communist Party.

So strong was the opposition, in fact, that Orthodox priests and Communist lawmakers reportedly blocked the entrance to the lawmaking chamber in an attempt to prevent the vote. Regardless, the Moldova vote did go ahead and the law has been stricken from the books.

Russia and Lithuania already have propaganda bans, and in Lithuanias case, gender reassignment bans, and theyre already part of the European Union. Thats true, and theres no way of getting around the fact that not being able to threaten expulsion from the European Union is a serious political flaw if we want to maximize the Unions incentives.

22/10/13 @ 04:10

Gay man, 26, faked being teen to rob foster parents, make rape claim

British man considered suicide after he encountered a man who pretended to be a vulnerable teen

A gay British man is facing jail for four and a half years after posing as a teen to rob his foster parents and make a rape claim against his counsellor.

Shane Peake, 26, contacted Wiltshire Council in June pretending to be a gay vulnerable 17-year-old kicked out by his family. He told them his name was Steven Shaw. He was placed in supported lodgings and was helped out with advice and care.

But when the 43-year-old Will Clark began to have doubts, Peake accused him of rape. The 26-year-old fake was later discovered to have used several aliases and to have stolen from both Clark and his foster family.

On 11 October, Peake was jailed for four-and-a-half years after admitting perverting the course of justice, theft, burglary and fraud.

While the allegations were false and Clark was never charged, his life was ruined. He has even tried to take his own life.

It is hard to believe that anyone can do something like this to another person, - he told.

Everything was tarnished by what he said I did. He has destroyed not just my reputation but the reputation of the charity, - admitted Clark.

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